Do you deliver?

We can, but we prefer if customers pick up from our shop. If circumstances call for it, we will deliver for a fee depending on the location.

How do you dry your wood?

All our locally sourced hardwood is first slabbed on location. It's then stickered, stacked and air dried for 8-12 months. Once the moisture content reaches 15-20% it is then kiln dried for 2-4 weeks to push out the remaining moisture. Once the moisture content reaches 8-10% the slabs are removed and flattened. All of our reclaimed barnwood shipments are stickered and stacked when they arrive from the Mid-West. The wood generally acclimates to the Colorado climate within 2-4 weeks. However, some of the thicker barnwood pieces, such as our floor joists, may require additional kiln drying.

My piece is very personal to me and I would like to finish it myself. Can I be involved in the process?

Absolutely, we can stop anywhere in the milling/finishing process and allow you to do the rest of the work yourself. However, we must emphasize that we CANNOT warranty any piece that leaves our shop unfinished. There are too many factors in the finishing process that may affect the final product. We therefore cannot assume responsibility for any defects on a piece that leaves our shop unfinished.

Do you install?

No, we do installs. We handle the fabrication side but most of our clients have a contractor do any installs. Our floating shelf brackets we use for both mantels and shelves can be easily installed without the use of a contractor.

I have a tree in my yard that is very sentimental to me and needs to be cut down. Can we use the wood to make a custom piece?

Of course we can. This is one of our favorite projects. Although, it is important to keep in mind this process can be more expensive and take much longer. There is a lot of time and labor that goes into slabbing, drying and processing fresh cut wood. Once we receive the logs they must be slabbed, air-dried for 8-12 months, kiln dried for 2-4 weeks, processed, glued up if necessary, sanded and finished.

How affordable is a one-of-a-kind custom built wood piece?

We are able to keep our raw wood prices down and competitive for the quality. However, custom designed and built pieces which require hours of labor by skilled craftsman are not cheap. Nor would we ever want to pride ourselves on building anything cheaply. We are in the business of building seriously cool, unique, and high-quality wood pieces. Please see the next question for a general price list.

How wide can you slab logs?

Our sawmill can slab logs up to 50" in diameter.

Do you carry dimentional or S4S lumber?

We do not carry any dimensional or S4S lumber, but we can mill down or process anything in our yard to your specifications.

Do you have a rough pricing list for either raw wood or finished products?

We do have a general price list for our raw wood. Please keep in mind these prices can vary depending on the rarity of the wood. Some live edge slabs have unique figuring or other markings that increase the value.

Roughly speaking our ash, cottonwood, elm, maple, oak, and honey locust live edge slabs are around $20 a board foot. Walnut, cherry, pecan, and Russian olive live edge slabs are generally around $30 a board foot.

Our antique barn wood is $5 - $8 per board foot unmilled and $8 - $12 per board foot milled. Beams and floor joists are around $12 per board foot.

Each of our finishing processes such as milling, processing, plaining, and ripping edges is $1 per square foot.

It is rather difficult for us to have any sort of standard pricing system for our finished products. Generally speaking, a basic table or countertop costs between $1,500 - $3,000 and a basic mantel costs between $500 - $1,000. Rates increase as the project gets more technical. Please keep in mind these are very general prices and we price out every project individually. Please give us a call or stop by for more information.