live edge Fireplace MANTELS

Live edge fireplace mantels will elevate your home with a beautiful classic look. All live edge fireplace mantels are kiln dried and properly stored to provide the highest quality.

We carefully cut each piece of lumber to bring out the most attractive features of each piece. Come to our warehouse and handpick the live edge slab or solid wood piece for your project. With measurements of your fireplace, we will design the live edge wood into your vision in our wood shop. You can also buy the unfinished, kiln dried wood directly from us if you want to do it all yourself.

We have a huge selection of wood species to choose from such as, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Siberian Elm, Green Ash, Silver Maple, Russian Olive, Honey Locust, Cottonwood, Pecan, ceder, juniper, willow, red oak, white oak, and others. Because of our large selection, we can accommodate a wide range of project budgets. 


In case you didn't know, we're Denver's most trusted live edge fireplace mantel supplier. It's all in the reviews, go check them out. We look forward to building your next mantel.


All of our projects are 100% custom built to your specifications. If you are interested in a project or getting a quote for a project it is best to visit us anytime during business hours. We do not do quotes over the phone given the nature of custom furniture.