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PAROTA  /  Guanacaste

Guanacaste, more commonly known at parota, is a tropical hard wood from Central & South America. This stunning wood is sought after for its bold, striking wood grain as well as its fast growth rate making it ideal for large furniture pieces. The sapwood of parota is dark to medium brown and sometimes has a reddish hue. The contrasting sapwood is a white creamy color. Curly and unique grain patterns are common with parota. In compliance with the Lacey Act and U.S. Customs regulations, we only carry parota from sustainable legal sources, licensed by the national forest stewardship in Mexico (SEMARNAT). Documentation and proof of legal harvesting can be provided with every order.
NOTE: Pictures below represent finished projects and examples of slabs. The slabs pictured below may not be in inventory. If you are interested in slabs please visit us anytime during open hours. No appointment necessary. 

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