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Our Products


We maintain a huge inventory of antique barn wood siding in our two-acre yard. This unique wood has been weathered to rustic perfection. No two boards are alike. The coloring and distinctive characteristics depend on the type of weather and the amount of sun the barn was exposed to as well as the age of the wood. Our antique wood is sourced from the Mid-West from century old barns that are no longer in use. Our siding is available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Hand hewn beams are the product of intensive labor and old-fashioned craftsmanship as these impressive beams were shaped using only hand-held tools. Hand hewn beams typically contain mortise and tenon joints and fit together to create and stabilize the structure. When people think of a rustic, reclaimed piece this is usually what they are looking for. Hand-hewn beams are sought after for use as fireplace mantles, exposed ceiling beams, and other structural supports that lend beauty, character, and a unique charm to a wide range of architectural styles.


Live edge slabs preserve the organic and raw state of the wood by retaining the natural edge under the bark. This makes each slab as unique as the tree from which it came. Most of our slab inventory comes from local trees  that had to be cut down due to age, disease, safety issues, or development, and were destined for the landfill. The species we carry include green ash, silver maple, Siberian elm, American elm, Russian olive, honey locust, black cherry, and black walnut. 


Our antique hardwood boards generally come in either elm or oak (white or red) and are 2.75-3" thick, 6-9" wide and up to 19' in length. Once this gorgeous wood is reclaimed, it takes on a new life by adding warmth and character that cannot be matched by new lumber. These old planks were cut from old growth trees, making the growth rings very tight and the wood very hard. This wood is ideal for making bar/counter tops, tables, and stair treads. We can also special order cherry, maple, or walnut.


Our antique flooring helps to incorporate rustic character to any space. Most flooring we offer is circle sawn and maintains the original milling marks for the most rustic look. For a cleaner look, we can mill the mill boards while still preserving the character of the wood.

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