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reclaimed Fireplace MANTELS

Our reclaimed fireplace mantels are more than just functional pieces of wood - they tell a story of the past. Each mantel is made from wood salvaged from old barns in the Mid-West and features visible axe or hand hewn marks from our ancestors' industriousness. These hand hewn beams were shaped by hand using axes over a century ago. We also carry circle sawn beams which were cut with water powered saws that left circular saw marks on the surface of the beams.

Fireplace mantels are an opportunity to showcase a unique space in your home, and with our wide selection of wood species to choose from, including white oak, red oak, maple, elm, ash, beech, hickory and the occasional cherry, the options are endless. 

As Denver's most trusted reclaimed fireplace mantel supplier, we have a long history of satisfied customers. All of our projects are 100% custom built to your specifications, so it's best to visit us during business hours to discuss your project or get a quote. We don't do quotes over the phone due to the custom nature of our furniture. 

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