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Nothing will highlight your kitchen space more than reclaimed antique wood countertop islands.  We make these incredible tops from the floor joists from century old barns. The wood was harvested from the original forests in which the trees were allowed to grow much slower than modern lumber. This slow growth process creates much tighter grain patterns that is not found in lumber today. We mainly carry white oak, red oak, elm and some ash in the floor joists. White oak has a high tannin content which allows to decades of weathering to penetrate below the surface of the wood. This in turn naturally darkens the wood in spots giving it an interesting effect that can only be accomplished by mother nature and time. Elm is noted for its feathering effect in the grains and is beautiful stained which pops the grains. 


All of our projects are 100% custom built to your specifications. If you are interested in a project or getting a quote for a project it is best to visit us anytime during business hours. We do not do quotes over the phone given the nature of custom furniture. 

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